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1990-2003 The Nineties and Beyond: Casting a Wide Net . . .
Cherokee House
CHEROKEE HOUSE The Western Office staff archaeologists were involved in the construction of a reproduction sixteenth-century Cherokee house at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee in 1993. The structure serves as an outdoor exhibit at the museum.
New Museum of History, 1994
MUSEUM OF HISTORY Approximately 25,000 people attended the two-day festival celebrating the opening of the new Museum of History on April 23-24, 1994. The lobby of the new facility displays a reproduction of the Wright Brothers flier.
QAR Press Conference, 1997
QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE A press conference was held in March 1997 to announce the discovery of what researchers believed to be Blackbeard's flagship Queen Anne's Revenge. From left to right: Mike Daniel and Phil Masters, of Intersal, Inc.; Richard Lawrence, Underwater Archaeology Unit; Steve Claggett, State Archaeologist; Wilson Angley and Jerry C. Cashion, Research Branch; and Jeffrey J. Crow, director, Archives and History. The ship is a model of what the QAR is thought to have looked like. A recovered blunderbuss barrel and a blunderbuss are visible on the table to the right.

Of all the proud moments in my fourteen years as director, I am proudest of those in which I have hired or promoted staff here. Long before I arrived in 1971 and long after I am gone, Archives and History will be served by its remarkable staff.
William S. Price Jr., 1995

Wolfe Memorial Fire Damage, 1998
FIRE AT WOLFE MEMORIAL In July 1998 an arsonist set fire to the boardinghouse at the Thomas Wolfe Memorial causing an estimated $2.2 million in damage. About one quarter of the interior rooms were substantially affected by the fire, and the entire house sustained smoke and water damage. The photograph shows the devastation in the room occupied by Thomas Wolfe's brother Ben, whose death in this room provided the basis for one of the most emotional scenes of the novel Look Homeward, Angel.
State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Application for Non-Income Producing Historic Structures.
TAX CREDIT On January 12, 1998, deputy state historic preservation officer David Brook (seated) officially approved plans submitted as part of the first State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Application for Non-Income Producing Historic Structures. Standing behind Brook are (left to right) A. L. Honeycutt Jr., Claudia R. Brown, Tim E. Simmons, and Robin J. Stancil.
Flood Damage caused by Hurricane Floyd, Princeville, N.C.
HURRICANE FLOYD In the late 1990s hurricanes took a toll on the state's historic sites. In 1999 Hurricane Floyd caused extensive flooding throughout the eastern part of the state. Archives and Records Section staff members Becky McGee-Lankford and David Mitchell provided assistance with the recovery of records in the Princeville town hall.

Montezuma has Zeb Vance, North Carolina's beloved Civil War governor, in a headlock.
Keats Sparrow, chairman, Committee to Save North Carolina History in the Public Schools, 2001


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